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"A Visit" by David Hay

I took my mum’s hand, malformed, pitiless,

In her age that guarantees no renewal.

She looks at me, as I bury my face in the

Crux of her arm. Briefly wanting to scour

this fleeting moment upon infinity.

She turns and looks out the window,

The heart can only break so many times

(at least that’s what I thought).

I’m sorry mum. I love you.

The silence that follows is complete.

David Hay's debut publication is the narrative poem Doctor Lazarus. His first poetry collection is forthcoming from Rare Swan Press. He has a collaborative work Amor Novus/A Spontaneous Prayer with Soyos Books, a pamphlet due in November from Back Room Poetry and has a novel How High the Moon coming out from Anxiety Press later this year.

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