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"After all" & "Doing Wall Sits Today" by Boona Daroom

After all

After four months of trial

after the episode

after listening devices are planted

after working their way up to the Earth's surface

after years of bailouts, crises and economic struggle

after 11 p.m.

after days of observation

after returning from Vietnam

after 13,981 performances

after a brief introductory recording and some hours of gameplay

after 9/11

after the floodwaters rose

after four years of working night shifts

after four decades playing in thrash metal bands

after the opening of Interstate 40

after hearing from parents

after a fight

after nearly 20 years as a fugitive

after a sand dune collapsed on top of him

after hours

after Friday Shabbat dinners

after babies are born

after you break up

after getting married

after the Tower of Babel

after long being unemployed

after contract negotiations stalled

after the footage was released

after playing and dancing in circles

after a workout at a track

after winning

after much speculation

after middle-class Americans

after a brief chapter

after more years of war

after they used another EpiPen

after the rocket broke apart

after the all-clear

after the oath

after it opens back up

after high school

after we hear the first few shots and the video ends.

Doing Wall Sits Today

It all happened mighty fast. We got pregnant in Europe in April and by August we’d gotten married, found new jobs, sold our houses and packed up all our stuff. Yes, I also turned 40. Yes, I now must do novel stretches and slow strength-building exercises for obscure muscle groups that wreak havoc on the old body if neglected. Though I am still a bohemian, a baby takes up a lot of time. We have a rental house near Baldwin Vista with a grand view of the whole sprawling waste. It’s odd but I can’t seem to turn away. You might appreciate the neighbors' deranged conversations with their schizoid hallucinations. Of course one day we’ll bring the family to NYC, or just tell us where your Subaru is parked and we’ll airdrop some cakes and narcotics to get you through the cold mountain night.

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