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"asterism" by Savhanha Small Nguyen

We were waiting for a star to fall -

constellations predicting futures,

a future

possibly one shared together

perhaps another lived alone

dictating footsteps in the dark

darkness enveloping hands

hands evolving into embraces

strangers eloping in the haze of moonlit delirium

- because it works like that

doesn't it?

starlight dreams and star-crossed lovers

crossing paths, crossing songs

words in harmony, voices in sync

we'll consider the formations

count the pros as they weigh up against the cons

a circumspection of the celestial

we'll shield this romance in a veil

shroud ourselves in a mist

let them think this is nothing when, oh, it's everything

and maybe,

just maybe,

we'll make it -

burning like asteroids ablaze in the stratosphere,

accumulating into asterisms eclipsing lifetimes lived, wished, glimpsed

and it's perfect,

better than perfect,

it's -


This predilection of moments coinciding


combusting into alignment.

and yet, I'm still waiting for my star to fall

whimsical wishes on the tails of meteors,

a second too late, a second fated to be missed

but I'm still waiting, I'll never stop

in the company of flailing stars

waiting to form their own connections amongst the haven of constellations lighting the way.

Savhanha Small Nguyen is a writer currently residing in Birmingham, UK; her interests include the sheer magnitude of storytelling through word games and the manipulation of language.


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