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"Be Nice To Your Cremation Technician" by Ly Faulk

Bathe your body with excellent fatty foods so that you burn more quickly. Go soft in the joints and hard places. Your cremation technician can only burn so many bodies in a day so be sure to light up like a candle inside the oven. Be blue flame curling up towards the heavens. Refrain from excreting too many gases on your way out. Be flammable, but not too explosive. A steady flame for your cremation technician to lose themselves in, staring at the dancing heat until it dwindles. Be smoldering coals with chunks of the person you used to be. Do not fight against the dying of the flame. Your cremation technician has other bodies to burn.

Ly Faulk has loved reading and writing for as long as they could read or write. They still believe in the power of the written word to change lives.

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