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"Bunylla Bean" by Levi Faulk

I stuff the happy yellow silken blooms into my pocket, my bunny rabbit’s favorite treat. I let them grow wild in my yard and harvest them in big batches. The sun heats my back as I collect the yellow bursts for Bunnylla Bean. He is not a young rabbit anymore. He is slow and cantankerous, picks fights with the cats all day, and I know that he is in pain, that he is dying. The dandelions bring a new bounce to his tired bounce as he rushes over to gobble them all down. He eats them all stem to blossom in one slurp, his little jaw churning the flower into mush. I wonder how it tastes for him, the bloom giving off only a slightly sweet scent. I imagine it tastes green and rich on his soft little bunny tongue. And so I gather more for him, my offering to the companion who will soon be saying goodbye.

Levi Faulk has been obsessed with reading and writing for as long as he could read and write. He still believes in the power of the written word to change lives.

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