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"Cosmology of Love" by Finch F.W.

Love, or something that sits warm.

Casting chromatic shadows. Cools to harden, to still.

Dark room. Fire higher to melt.

Breath to stoke. Quiet crackle. Solid becomes liquid.

Molten plastic gelatinous Love.

You can not discern its edges. Love in this state is burning hot. Love in this state is reflective. Flickering between multiplicity and duality.

Two becomes three becomes a kaleidoscope of microscopic Loves until it’s just one big Love. After all, it really was all along.

One big Love isn’t heavy.

Love permeates the cell wall through osmosis. Love has no constant density. Love, the idea… It’s a lot of little small Loves weaving their fibres together to make a gleaming, glistening net or web in that liquid state. And there are these tense spots where your feet weigh on the net and in pressing a bit harder, you can see these Loves. You might see a few small ones

in the fridge at times, or burning out in ashtrays. Cooling to solid in lost-and-found’s or hanging over fences. Like last night's snow laying on the ground.

Sometimes the Love will be clean and fresh. Contained.

Other times, the Love is messy, dripping down your chin or spilling out of your pockets. Some Loves may be afraid to step out. They linger quietly like untethered shadows caught in the second dimension. Try feeding them in a safe space. Feed them bright colors and frangible ideas and feed them quiet and still places where (not a word needs uttering to explain).

Love, the memory.

Or Love, the present and future which became indiscernible from each other. Or Love distinctly atemporal.

Love which is finite.

Love on conditions.

These Loves are the thread of myth and mundanity. They can sometimes be spotted in the sky near dusk. You may look up and spot a great billowing textile filling the sky. One big Love comprised of innumerably smaller Loves unraveling and unraveling and unraveling. Trailing behind itself in the wind.

Subjective Love. Romanticized Love.

Love as a synonym for ‘unexplainable’. Love to create.

Love to destroy. Love which remains intact after complete deconstruction. Dissection as a matter of detangling. Love as the fibre which held the body intact. Love as the heat lingering in the sheets when sleepers wake. Love as the held breath. Love the peripheral sensation. The Queer element. Love incalculable. Electromagnetic Love in the fifth dimension. Love shifting, enlacing.

A word from the author: It's quite fun to try and quantify intangible things or identify the seams and structures of the organic. I am a transgender multimedia artist, a story-teller, a believer in magic, and a baby of the sea.


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