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"Deferred" by Abigail Myers

Do you want to come in?


Robert, this is Fabiane calling from the Blood Center. Thank you for giving the gift of life with us.

We are currently facing a blood emergency, with some facilities holding only a two to three day supply

of blood. Can we count on you to make an appointment to donate again soon?


We all have our crosses, Robert. How we bear them is our testimony to the power of His grace

in our lives. You understand what I mean.


Timothy, 42

2 miles from you

Looking for a good time and maybe more?


Thank you for being here today, Robert.

Oh, sure—Monica, is it?

Yes sir. I’ve seen you before, haven’t I?

Could be. I’ve given here a couple of times.

Oh, yeah, I can see here you’re a frequent flyer.

My parents always told me how much blood my mom lost when I was born. We both almost

died. Just kind of seems like— I don’t know.


Forgive my laughter. It’s just if they could hear—

Oh, they’re like that, huh?

They are.


We’ll be praying for you, Robert. I suppose that’s all we can do now.


I had a great time, Robert.

Thanks, Timothy. Yeah, me too.

I think you’re making too big of a deal about your age. I mean, I’m out here having a great time,

right? You’re sweet. You’re smart. You take care of yourself. You’re going to do great.

That’s nice of you to say. It’s taken a while. This is— actually, this is my first—one of these.

Your first…date from an app, or…?

Date. Ever.

Oh, honey. Well, good for you.




No, I’m sorry. I can’t.

Note from the author:

I write poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction on Long Island, New York. My microfiction recently appeared in Milk Candy Review and Heart Balm. My poetry recently appeared in Full Mood Mag, Roi Fainéant, and Amethyst Review, and is forthcoming from Syncopations. My essays have appeared in Phoebe and Variant Literature and are forthcoming from The Other Journal. Keep up with me at and @abigailmyers.

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