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"Dreadlock Man" & "Mimir" by Jordan Joe

Dreadlock Man

Dreadlock man fi die


As the slender figures with eyeless faces

Pass without rhythm in their strides

rightleftright leftri ghtleft

Over the corpse of the American


Laid pon pavement of city grounds

These grounds do not weep

Red riverruns and flows, reaching familiar


Bringing a human fragrance to

mango okra yam ginger root


the paths of church avenue and ocean

A scheduled termination warrants no

expression why ignore the truth

we ain’t see him no how no way nobody know him where he from don’t matter nobody seen him

He’s not us

So he fi die alone

Cuz we kill dreadlock man


Dehumanization often


Patiently under the deviled mask

Of martyrdom

A message sharp to the ears of the executioner

Fully wanes in

Deliberate hands instead of rope to

Guillotine, dominated by

Seething, calculated white hatred

Misconstrued, lobotomized and repurposed to be

approved by conglomerate


Dull hoods drape o’er the possibility of

Humanity, emotion, empathy

Sharp message now dull, now flat


Flipped to now restrict the souls from which

It’s purpose was bloodily conceived

A man likened to god is

Jordan Joe, is a Junior Afro-American Studies major, Photography minor at Howard University from St. Louis, MO. Jordan is an aspiring music producer who loves all types of creative expression, and hopes his exploration of the human experience through his creativity can have a positive impact on whoever it may touch. (IG: @ykj._.joe)


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