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"drives without a destination" by Ilana Drake

you & i would sing taylor swift

songs in your jeep as we cruised

along the tennessee highways,

you would sing the lyrics with

the steering wheel as your microphone

once, we decorated the jeep with

red roses & blue violets & a

rainbow of washable car markers

& we climbed onto the roof of

the car to look at the sun set

we would pick up books from the

used book store & you used to

smile when the boy who worked

there glanced over at us, you

used to make a list of books

you needed to read & i would

add some to my notes, too

hours of roads to a body of water

where there is no end in sight,

we giggle as we eat pancakes

with syrup that spills onto the

table at the "vintage" diner

post floating, we drive back

along a series of different roads,

& i wonder how many more years

we will be able to drive to

take in the beauty of

the nature around us

& the new sights

without a

purpose in mind.

Ilana Drake is a rising junior at Vanderbilt majoring in Public Policy Studies, and she is a United Nations UNA-USA Global Goals Ambassador for Sustainable Development Goal 4, Education.

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