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"Electric Blue" by Rachel Canwell

She is assaulted by the morning sky. A sky masquerading as a robin’s egg, skimming rooftops, touching cracked and shifting slates with icy, probing fingers.

A sky blue with cruelty. A biting blue.

A blue she has forbidden.

Within her something jolts and something jars. And behind her eyes she feels hidden pathways open. Neural channels suddenly alive with pulsing volts of cyan, turquoise and azure.

Energy that streaks and spits, sparking as it bypasses forget-me-nots, sapphires and ocean pools. Stuttering, starting to slow amongst fading gas flames, unworn babygros, flashing lights.

Before burning out as it settles on tiny navy fingernails that never grew.

Rachel Canwell is a writer and teacher living in Cumbria. She is currently working on a flash collection and her first novel which was shortlisted for the Retreat West Pitch to Win 2021. Her short fiction has been published in Sledgehammer Lit, Pigeon Review and The Birdseed amongst others.

Twitter - @bookbound2019


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