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"Fast Fashion Assumptions about Plus-Size Women" by Justine Defever

Neon t-shirt of Tweety Bird scowling Does it look like I care?

because you don’t spare anyone’s feelings.

Sheer leopard print blouses

because you are feisty, sassy, and wild!

Windbreaker of Winnie-the-Pooh, elbow-deep in honey

because relatable much? Big girls gotta eat.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. graphic t-shirt

because, like Fat Monica, you dance with donuts, too!

Pandering sentiment about girl power in glittery cursive font

because keep your head up, girly! The future is female.

Distressed AC/DC tank top

because you don’t mind their objectification of women.

Sloppy off-the-shoulder Caution: may contain wine!

because alcohol dependency is quirky when it’s you.

Garfield thinking I’m up. What more do you want?

because you are one lazy piece of shit.

Cowl-neck sweaters and chunky knit scarves

because your double-chin should really be a secret.

The poncho: available in black, brown, and charcoal

because the pinnacle of beauty is a repurposed tarp.

Justine Defever resides in Michigan and is an Associate Professor of English at Cleary University. Her poetry has been recently featured in Sad Girls Club Literary Blog, Silent Spark Press, You Might Need to Hear This, and Quarter Press. Justine completed a residency in Edinburgh, Scotland while finishing an MFA in Creative Writing at Arcadia University. Read more of her work at


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