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"focal planes", "drawing conclusions", "ambiguous systems", "re: flux" Brian J. Alvarado

focal planes

apostrophe precedes infinity

with sunrise left between us there is fall

when photosynthesis runs out of film

exposure green in memory grows gray

anachronistic passengers pervade

from capturing quintessences bygone

the wormhole from an apple leads us home

should phoenix eyes grow weary of rebirth

the monkey’s paw will always bet on rock

the occam’s razor seldom leaves a score

a hurricane of butterfly effects

yet does it even matter anymore

our timelines veer isosceles apart

infinity proceeds apostrophe

drawing conclusions

an oxidized atrocity of gold

the myrrh and frankincense arriving stale

vindictive horses took a longer route

not kings nor common men can claim the stars

empyreal empires empurpled empoisoned empaled

Egyptian, Persian, Roman, Byzantine

rebellion is an aging stoup of wine

deliverance eventually comes

a transatlantic massacre of oil

tycoons lampoon and double cross their rails

a gravy train that pays out in potatoes

monopoly scrabbles the game of life,

a self fulfilling prophecy at will

get stoned with me before the lottery

ambiguous systems

a smoky mountain gets too high to move

volcanos edging cinders of release

medusa stoning atlas hard at work

euripides inevitably laughs

if blood succumbs to thunder in the lungs

thermometers of mercury’s black bile

apothecary cavalries advance

like feeding royal jelly to the swarm

is gravity a wondrous ordeal?

rotisserie of miniature worlds

harmonicas a semitone apart

a closet full of kraken skeletons

could ever non-celestial bodies grow

to attain an armistice of atmospheres?

re: flux

meridians will ante up in post

elisions of a b-roll memory

with present footage folded at the seam

a flutter in the mouth of hurricanes

uncanny is a can of worms left canned

digestive tracts reroute acidity

molasses drains not ASAP from the elm

elastic is what plastic strives to be

it matters that your atoms get along

it’s not a simulation anymore

the cytoplasm keeps your shit together

the mitochondria powers through it all

an intervention ring of introspect

ouroboros gets sick of biting down

internal lux aeterna terminal

apostrophe’s a double-sided gate

both turning to and from loquacious ghosts

that speak in coded vestiges of tongues

in volumes indecipherable to grasp

should whom your light seeks not appear to you

try skipping rocks across a mirrored dusk

it’s double points for shattering the moon

ovations from an audience of moths

on key or string with ardent fervor play

an unapologetic rhapsody

as orpheus once led he follows now

incendiary steps of kerosene

an ostinato-obbligato whir

some light emerged, today it rains as one

Brian (@wrdsrch) writes and sings. Recent work is featured and/or forthcoming in Thimble, FERAL, Sledgehammer, and Versification, among others. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University.

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