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"hello sister, hello sun" by Freedom Strange

an approximation of sunlight on my red/gold curls

the sidewalk cracks and the flowers that push through.

i've always envied your self-confidence,

but i want none of it.

don't mistake that for self-love, darling.

it's only pain.

this walk home always reminds me of you,

and the way you play with ghosts like they're toys

or friends or lovers.

i'm not sure why.

maybe it's those struggling weed/flowers that

aren't supposed to be there.

like us, sister. like me.

we aren't supposed to be here, and yet here we are,

wasting our breath

to scream.

Freedom Strange collects pronouns, tea bags, and old records in a dusty, forgotten corner of Texas. You can find their dusty, forgotten corner of the internet too, at

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