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"Home Show Poet" by Jason Melvin

I was at a home show

hot tubs and roof vendors

baked goods and hot sauce

Fancy chamois

that suck up all the spills

What I didn’t expect

was a poet

tucked between

a deck builder

and a coffee cake baker

a young woman

offering to write patrons

A poem

for $10

My hand immediately

reaches into my pocket


in the flesh

one of my brethren

a chance to connect

like minds

for only $10

But what would I have her write

The confidence

to write

and hand it over


instead of pondering

for months

How do I introduce myself

and not feel weird

it always feels weird

I didn’t buy a poem

or even say hi

I’m a poet, too

it’s a week later

and I still feel guilty

I had $10

I should have bought a poem

even if I couldn’t

introduce myself

but after 46 years on this earth

I still find it hard

to say hi to a stranger

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