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"In Philadelphia, My Love" & "An Ode to Sin" by Pierce Leon Vencer

In Philadelphia, My Love

We turned the streets of Philadelphia into fighting arenas

when we’d drag our issues from jazz bars and

take them outside, intoxicated.

Some part of that we can blame on tequila sunrises

but we both know most of that was a manifestation of

things we mutually decided were better left

unsaid, until we said them.

Out loud, unnecessarily visceral,

all the more uncomfortable

what with the July heat.


we blamed it on an unparalleled connection.

You’ve never met anyone like me,

I’ve always wanted to meet someone like you

so when it was good, it was good

but when it was bad …

In some outlying part of my mind

I still find this to be true.

In that part, I still wish it was you.

An Ode to Sin

I wish I knew sooner that vindication could never present itself to

people who’ve never sinned.

I wish I knew sooner that whenever our tongues performed

near perfect choreographies to an endless tango in

our mouths; a memory their muscles never forgot

and would shortly enact in a refined fashion, that

it was bliss they were emanating.

There was never anything wrong with falling asleep

in your arms and having your face be

the first thing I see the following day,

I always thought we were sacred

in an unholy way.


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