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"Love is Blind (and Has a Stuffy Nose)" by Nolcha Fox

She reeked of debt, despair, and a litter box

that hadn’t been cleaned for a week.

She bulged in all the wrong places.

He reeked of sweat, cheap cigars, and bad decisions.

Jowls hid his neck, a hat hid his bald spot.

He was wider than tall.

They both needed glasses and antihistamines.

They both wanted a bad drink and a good lay.

Or maybe it was the other way around.

Squinting through the smoky haze of a sleazy bar,

They saw in each other

the answer to their prayers.

Nolcha’s poems have been published in Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Alien Buddha Zine, Medusa’s Kitchen, and others. Her three chapbooks are available on Amazon. Nominee for 2023 Best of The Net. Editor for Kiss My Poetry and for Open Arts Forum. Accidental interviewer/reviewer. Faker of fake news.


Twitter: @NolchaF

Facebook: Nolcha Fox

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