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"Obsessionals" by Epi Rogan

At first,

He was charming and kind.

Then things started to happen,

That made me think,

He’s not right in the head.

He was becoming obsessive.

Mum was hiding inside.

I was at the gate.

It was one of those metal barricades,

Bars like a prison door.

I said mum didn’t want to see him.

My kitten walked through the bars

Onto the footpath.

He grabbed the cat like this!


Like this!

Snapped its neck.

Testosterone is a strange energy, hey?

I was completely infatuated with her.

I’d never felt that way about anyone.

I went to hundreds of psychics and mystics,

They all told me the same thing,

She’d been my mother in a past life.

I’ve been dreaming about her a bit.

I think she’s passed.

I gifted her some pottery years ago,

Wrapped it in a scarf.

I dreamt she sent me a parcel.

Inside was the scarf.

Just the scarf.

I felt almost nothing,

Which was a relief to me.

He dragged me by the hair one night.

I had never been scared of him physically.

It was the emotional stuff that got to me.

He pulled me down the hall.

I let out this roar, from deep inside me.


The sound was completely primal.

There was a hammer on the table.

I thought I might bash his head in.

He looked at me,

Looked at the hammer,

Took it off the table,

And left.


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