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"Our Lady Of" by Damon Hubbs

she did not stretch 60 feet tall

like that day on the Clearwater

building in Florida

when the city had to install

sidewalks and portable restrooms

for thousands of pilgrims

nor did she appear

on a griddle at a restaurant

on the California-Mexican border.

She remembered that Jesus

had a thing for showing up

on fish sticks or bacon

on a banana peel

or as a ruffled dark spot

on a potato chip

by all accounts

Mother Teressa

was partial to cinnamon buns.

Our Lady of

confided all of this

to a guy seated at a pew

scrolling absently

through his phone

Damon Hubbs is the author of two chapbooks: "The Day Sharks Walk on Land"(Alien Buddha Press, 2023) and "Charm of Difference" (Back Room Poetry, forthcoming in 2024). His most recent poems can be found in Does It Have Pockets, Apocalypse Confidential, South Broadway Press, Yellow Mama, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, D.O.R, and Fixator Press. He lives in New England. Twitter @damon_hubbs

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