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"Sandbar, Person Lake" & "Bookworms" by Tim Moder

Sandbar, Person Lake

We spent a day in sand between the bottom and the

Further shore, dragging tanned feet, swaying in the

Sigh of the waves. Listen up the yard where the men

Throw horseshoes. Hear their determined faces. We

Are backward swimming bugs underneath an easy

dock borrowing each other's kisses. Sandbar, the sun

Sets wide. The earth wobbles. Eventually fireflies.


Our sorrow grows in groups. We’re best between smudged pages,

Four leaf clovers pressed into sentences, placeholders of recycled

Pulp, fortunes, black and white polaroids with dates on our edges.

We’re best on soft, cushioned chairs, heads back, eyes advancing,

Our eager, adventurous legs thrown over arms.

Tim Moder is a poet writing in northern Wisconsin. His poetry has appeared in Sinking City Review, River Mouth Review,


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