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"The Sounds & the Hiker" & "Irony. Paradox. [English Media for Thought Pattern]" by Yuan Changming

The Sounds & the Hiker

Down in the valley, you hear a

Whole plethora of noises - loudest are

Croaking & barking; halfway

Uphill, you hear only the whistling

Of winds & murmuring of mists

Until you come upon the mountaintop

Where you hear, with all your inner &

Outer ears, nothing but a call from

The unheard, the loudest echo of

Dao in your cloudy mind

Irony. Paradox. [English Media for Thought Pattern]

There’s neither egg in an eggplant

Nor ham in a hamburger

Much less any pine or apple in a pineapple

Just as English muffins were not invented

In England, so French fries did not originate in France

Likewise, a guineapig is neither

From Guinea nor is it really a pig

While boxing rings are actually square

Quicksand always takes you down slowly

All writers do write, but fingers never fing

A teacher must have taught, while a preacher could never

Have prought; a vegetarian eats vegetables only

And a humanitarian eats nothing but humans?

Yuan Changming hails with Allen Yuan from Credits include 12 Pushcart nominations & 15 chapbooks, most recently Sinosaure (Redhawk Publications). Besides appearances in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17), BestNewPoemsOnline, Poetry Daily and nearly 2,000 others, across 49 countries, Yuan served on the jury, and was nominated, for Canada's National Magazine Awards (poetry category).

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