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"Types of Damage, or, The Michelin Man Has a Bad Day" by Kyla Houbolt

Types of Damage, or

The Michelin Man Has a Bad Day

Tread Damage

happens when someone ignores

the warning "don't tread on me"

having trod,

damage ensues.

we were warned.

Sidewall Damage

you know how when

you come out of the bar and you're

drunker than you thought? but damn

you're good at faking it! until

that wall comes out of nowhere,

blindsides you.

Bead Damage

Beady eyes.

Always watching.

This does not bode well.

Failed Tire Repair

So damn tired! SO tired.

the nap

didn't help.

Impact Damage

is the result of that sidewall thing

that happened. If you're lucky,

only bruises


Yeah, see, the floor?

It's like it's got waves in it.

You tried to be good.

It didn't work out.

*With apologies and thanks to the Uniroyal Tire Company.

Kyla Houbolt (she, her) occupies Catawba territory in Gastonia, NC, USA. Her first two chapbooks, Dawn's Fool and Tuned were published in 2020. More about them on her website, Her individually published pieces online can be found on her Linktree, She is on Twitter @luaz_poet.

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