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"Wanted- Well-Mannered Ghost To Haunt Brooklyn Apartment" by Luc Diamant

I (23F) am looking for a ghost (M/F/NB, 21-99 at time of death, dead for <50 years) to haunt a 3-bedroom 3rd-floor apartment in Flatbush. Haunting would be mostly low-key (scaring rats away, creaking noises to accompany scary movies, enhancement of whooshing sounds during rainstorms) with the occasional outburst of moderate activity (disruption of electronic devices, displacement of items, etc.) during visits from certain people. Discretion will be required as the apartment is technically shared.

What I can offer you:

-A crawlspace under the floorboards that spans the entire living room and which, barring any potential repairs, you will have to yourself at all times;

-Full use of my bedroom when I am not home and my biggest closet when I am;

-Freedom to roam the apartment as desired when both my roommates and I are asleep and/or away;

-A guarantee that the apartment contains NO RELIGIOUS ITEMS of ANY KIND (if you find any left by previous tenants, I will personally remove them).

If interested, call the disconnected landline, 917-4875807. If anyone other than Jess answers, hang up and try again at a later time.

Luc Diamant is a perpetual student from Amsterdam, where he lives with his partner and their imaginary pets. He has writing out or forthcoming in The Deeps, Canthius, and Oh Reader, among others. When not writing, he enjoys spending time with the aforementioned partner, watching the plants on his balcony grow, and thinking about lemurs. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter @lucdaniel94.

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