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"you are cold" by Constance Bacchus

whiteout near waterville on the way to work, on the way home, a tunnel

the road has disappeared, the snow ruts have smoothed &

cold, you are cold

go out of your

way to let

everything know

you don’t

care at all

& then you want something

mule deer are not trusting you & you saying why to their velvet & explanations

for you again

they run alone along white hills

consider listening/ consider falling

a voice in fog a

feeling of

of not being

it becomes a list/they become lost

& sad

& it goes on enough

that they leave tracks/ say


suddenly you aren’t quiet you call when you can

& you say why

& drag up some charm from a dirt basement

& the deer are climbing across more fields eating grass in snow/ consider grabbing a life vest

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